Tip #1: Choose a unit with the right-facing direction.

The unit’s orientation can affect the living conditions, arrangement, energy consumption and efficiency, and wellness of the occupants.

If it has an east-west-facing bedroom, it would require more hours to cool the room as it exposes the property to more sunlight. Meanwhile, north-south properties get good natural lighting throughout the day, and southeast orientation gets strong sunlight in the morning that weakens in the afternoon.

Tip #2: Look into the pros and cons of each floor level.

Each floor level type has its advantages. Have a look at the quick breakdown below:

  • Low-level floors
    • Convenient access to the ground floor; can use stairs instead of elevators
    • Sits close to patios or outdoor gardens since private enclosed spaces are often located in lower levels
    • Safer for young children and pets
  • High-level floors:
    • Lower noise levels (e.g., road noises, MRT tracks, people running around pools) and provide a sense of seclusion
    • Units with high floor-to-ceiling distance are usually upper floor units (note that this may not be true for all developments, so check it with your agent)
    • A better view of the surrounding area, perfect if you enjoy peeking through the window while working


Tip #3: Choose a view that inspires you.    

One of the perks of living in a condo unit is the breathtaking view it offers. If you’re not fond of sitting at high-level places, you can enjoy people-watching at mid-level or low-level floors. On the other hand, having a fantastic view of the whole vicinity with green parks and nature in the background can be awe-inspiring. Keep in mind that choosing a unit with a great view can increase its value.


Tip #4: Select the right unit type.    

Who will live in the condo? If you’re living alone, a studio or 1-bedroom unit will do. On the other hand, if you’re moving into a condo to start your own family, perhaps you can discuss with your partner which one is better: a 1- or 2-bedroom unit (you can use the other room as a playroom). When making this decision, make sure to consider your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Tip #5: Ask about maintenance and management.

A lot of buyers tend to overlook this factor when condo-hunting, so they know little information about who to call for or what goes around when you need to get something repaired in times of emergency. Inquiring about maintenance and management gives you insight into how the developers and administrators manage and take care of the property and its residents.